Turkish Laminates, PKR 1115
Turkish Laminates, PKR 1115

Turkish Laminates, PKR 1115


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With the inspiration coming from nature; laminate floorings are produced using natural raw materials. These laminate flooring designs are composed of the natural colors and lines derived from nature which are carried to the heart of your home

Turkish Laminates takes the natural essence of wood to your spaces by making use of the color and texture of the trees in its laminate flooring designs. Floor Laminate Floorings are produced in accordance with world standards by bonding different layers under high pressures

Robust: Resistant to impact, shock and pressure. It is scratch and air abrasion-resistant tanks to its special hard surface coating.

Durable: Extremely resistant to impact and therefore very durable. Due to the exclusive product structure, they are strong and durable against heavy impact.

Vibrant colors: With colors that do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight; these laminate floorings are also resistant to UV rays.

Natural: 90 percent of its raw materials are derived from wood that is produced with sustainable forestry practices.

Easy to install: With the amazing FLOOR Valinge click system, it saves time and labor with quick and easy installation.

Long-Lasting: In households; the flooring lasts up to 15 to 20 years.

Excellent Applicability: With its high-tech production, invisible joints, and protection against moisture and dirt, these laminates are a perfect fit and a natural floor arrangement.