Make your prayer area comfortable and modest with the best Garnet Janamaz

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to get a janamaz that makes you feel comfortable and closer to Allah? Some people are choosy about how they want to offer their prayers and don't feel comfortable praying anywhere. This is where V surfaces come to understand our customer’s feelings. 

V Surface has brought their all-new beautiful and cosy prayer mats that you can buy and feel closer to Allah. These prayer mats in Pakistan are not only made from premium quality garnet material but also at low prices.

Revamp your prayer area with beautiful garnet janamaz

You must have noticed that all your rooms must be beautifully decorated with a home interior but there might not be a specific room for prayers. Over time, a lot of trends have changed but the purpose of staying closer to Allah remains the same.

For bringing a revolution in your direction towards Islam, buy these Salah mats that would fit your overall interior of the house and bring your family close to Allah. In this way, you can make a separate prayer room for your family to spend time alone with serendipity. 

A beautiful blue Salah mat


If you’re a person who loves to look at light colours that have a beautiful design and style, this Salah mat is made for you! This is a cool minty blue prayer mat that has a unique dark blue design that compliments the whole style. 

This blue prayer mat in Pakistan is made in Turkey that has an amazing feel that when you bow in your prayer you feel closer to Allah. The style of this luxury prayer mat feels like that of the colour of Hagia Sophia. 

If you’re a person who’s into beautiful designs and styles with light colour and Turkish material, this Salah mat is the best to buy. 

An alluring red that captures your heart

Some people love the colour red and they feel it has a great meaning in spirituality. This beautiful red Salah mat is made for a person who wants a luxury prayer mat bought and delivered to their doorsteps.  The size of this prayer mat is big enough to get you covered and bring you comfort. 

If you’re a person looking for an extremely unique design in prayer mats in Pakistan, V Surface has got you covered. This alluring janamaz has an attractive design which is a lighter colour that oozes the whole look. This is a heavy-duty prayer mat that is exclusively made in Turkey for people who want to buy unique Salah mats.

A unique beige that brings you peace


If you’re someone who loves warm tones in their house, this is the best option for styling your prayer room. Whether you love to pray in your room or you want to decorate your prayer room with beautiful prayer mats, V Surfaces has got all the options for you. 

This is a unique type of warm-toned janamaz that is made in Turkey so the product quality is the best. The colours of this product blend so beautifully with the whole look of the Salah mat that you may feel even closer to Allah. 

This red garnet prayer mat is made for anyone who loves lighter colours and it brings them peace. You can also use this prayer mat to give it to your close ones to make their day as the quality and style of this product would speak wonders to them!

A classical blue janamaz that keeps you at peace


Are you someone who likes minimal designs when doing prayer mat shopping in Pakistan? V Surfaces has brought a beautiful and classical prayer mat which is in such a unique shade and simple design that keeps you at a peaceful praying time. 

This blue garnet Muslim prayer mat is designed for people with more emphasis on light colours and minimal designs. A big design of the mosque covers the janamaz with brownish threads at the bottom and at the top to keep it classical. 

With this prayer mat, you will be giving a beautiful gift to your loved ones who love having a spiritual path. This blue garnet janamaz is the best gift for anyone as the product quality is premium and the colour is too good. The even better thing about this salah mat is that it is made in Turkey and the material is so soft that you feel like praying for a longer time than usual. 

Changing the style of salah mats one at a time 

With time, V surfaces have grown and brought a revolution in the upscaling of the home interior and designing products that are hard to resist. 

In the current times when it is hard to get a handful of premium quality janamaz at your doorsteps, V Surfaces has brought a wide range of luxury prayer mats in Pakistan that is highly durable and soft. 

These prayer mats at V surfaces are exclusively made in Turkey and brought here to cater for the demands of the customers who love to have a closer connection with Allah. You can visit the website or shop today to avail the best quality Salah mat for your house.

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