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Nov 17, 2021

What are carpet tiles?

Commercial rooms and high-traffic areas frequently use carpet tiles or modular carpet. They are little squares or rectangles of carpet that are put together to make a bigger carpeted space. Carpet tiles are woven and made in the same way as traditional carpeting is. They are, however, cut into smaller pieces. Individual backings are present on each of these tiny tiles. When it comes to installation, this removes the need for any additional supplies.

Each tile carpet in Pakistan includes a backing that provides strength and creates a flat surface for placement. This indicates that the carpet isn't too thin or fragile for the flooring. Carpet tile backings are not as soft or velvety as traditional wall-to-wall carpeting seen in many houses. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, provide comfort, warmth, and aid with the room's acoustics. VSurfaces provides a wide range of these tiles made from highly durable material such as 100% PP Pile Fiber Composition and Multi-Level Loop Construction, 1/12'' Gauge, 10 Stitches per inch, Primary Non-Woven Textile and Secondary Backing of PVC Reinforced by Glass Fiber.

Maintenance of Carpet Tiles

VSurfaces ensure that these tiles are durable and easy to maintain. One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of office carpet tiles is their simplicity of maintenance. Carpet tiles may be simply removed for cleaning or replaced if one becomes too filthy or damaged. Tiles take up little room and are easy to store because they are tiny and modular. It's a good idea to have additional tiles available in case you need to switch them out. Furthermore, because tiles can be simply raised, underfloor cabling may be accessed as needed.

How do carpet tiles improve a room’s atmosphere?

Applying VSurfaces cheap carpet tiles from wall-to-wall provide the most luxurious and velvety alternative, which are excellent for office and homes. Carpet tiles, which are cut from Charmaine carpet tile, may often match the quality of wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpet tiles, in fact, absorb considerably more structure-borne sound due to their absorbent layered nature. Adding these tiles not only creates luxury but also helps is soundproofing your room if applied on walls. This brand provides the best carpet tiles in Pakistan

What are the different types of these tiles?

Carpet tiles are available in two types: non-adhesive (gluing required) and adhesive (peel-and-stick).

When selecting tiles, keep in mind the overall design scheme as well as the final floor's needs, as well as the size and durability of the tiles. Here are some of the best types of carpet online available in Pakistan online:


This type of tile is perfect for rooms with wooden furniture. The patterns on these carpets complement the wooden texture and add to the aesthetics of the room. The liner patterns provide eye-catching surfaces that go well in alternating placements. Match the color of the tiles with your walls. Choose brown carpet tiles to bring the richness of the wooden flooring into your home. With its detailed pattern, this floor carpet tile design will enhance the look of your complete home's floor. When coupled with this brown carpet tile, white walls would be stunning. This hue of brown is also quite elegant, so make sure you use it in the living room as well.


A Grey carpet tile like this with a subtle pattern is suitable for anybody seeking an alternative for the entire house. Dark flooring is also a terrific way to anchor a vibrant interior motif. This carpet tile is also ideal for a modern, minimalist house with metallic furniture and accents. Applying a carpet in Pakistan, more often than not, determines the room's style, and its attraction becomes a permanent fixture, which can quickly become boring. The natural charcoal color tile of this carpet tile gives the area a trendy and quality vibe.

Nantes Yellow 

Are you planning to renovate your living room? Installing these brightly colored floor carpet tiles, which can be matched with a darker hue to create negative space around them, is an easy and economical method to do so. The splash of color will quickly lift the mood of your living space, while also serving as a focal point and complementing the sofa and other furniture.


If you have chosen a simple design for your furniture, a little intricate pattern for your carpet might be the ideal complement. A dark floor highlights bright walls, furniture, and furnishings even more, and this brown tile with a geometric design would be a great accent to your home. This carpet tile would be best put in a living room or foyer if you have a different theme for each room. You can buy carpet online from VSurfaces as they provide the highest quality for the most affordable prices in Pakistan.

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