Luxurious Prayer Mats by VSurfaces

Janamaz otherwise known as Prayer Mat is an essential you require for your home space and you don’t want to settle for something less than the best. VSurfaces with its outstanding quality of products brings luxurious Muslim Prayer Rugs that reflect the sheer richness of the finest fleece fabric they are woven from. These mats come in various sizes depending upon their use, may it be for praying or home décor when used as a wall hanging. Most of them are also designed with the utmost sophistication with geometric, floral, and arabesque patterns to make a brilliant addition to your rooms. Often embedded with Islamic landmarks to symbolize the spiritual connection one can make during their prayer, these Prayer Mats are made comfy & spacious enough so one can even relax on them. 

Premium Collection of Prayer Rugs

With the premium collection of Prayer Rugs by VSurfaces, create a beautiful prayer space at home. One of the biggest advantages of opting for these personalized Janamaz mats – fabricated in Turkey – is their durability and the easy-to-clean material used to design them. Packed in a stylish cardboard box, they can also be used for wedding or birthday gifts. Although they are a bit more expensive than the other prayer mats, their quality is matchless. We have decided to introduce you to our exceptional variety of Turkish Prayer Mats with different designs, sizes, and thicknesses so your home décor can be renovated in a decent yet elegant manner.  

Royal Janamaz – Brown 

You will be amazed when you get to experience this brown-colored smooth Prayer Rug woven from the classic fleece fabric. This mat comes in the size of 80cm x120cm which is enough for an average person to pray without any inconvenience. Once you pray on this Janamaz, you won’t feel the hard floor with the thick padded base with foam ensuring quality and comfort which makes it perfect for the elders at your home who can’t sit on rigid surfaces. It also comes with a vibrant touch of patterns forming a mehrab. 

Garnet Janamaz – Navy & Red

This multi-purpose Prayer Rug can become everyone’s favorite with its premium feel on hands during your prayer. Anyone who would sit on it would ultimately fall in love with it. The navy color adds a subtle contrast to this whole décor item, designed with the white & pink floral pattern forming a mehrab. With such attractive colors, you will want to spend hours on this soft rug, thus strengthening your spiritual connection in return. This Janamaz also comes in red colors for those who would like to bring uniqueness to their prayer room space.  

Garnet Janamaz – Dark Red 

Say Hello to this dark red Garnet Janamaz by VSurfaces designed with eye-catching arabesque patterns on a thick padded base. If you are out of ideas for a gift, then this rug is the best option to go with as one can use this as a wall hanging too to add grace to their home interior. These rugs are designed with such perfection that anyone would love to have them for their house. Like the other featured Prayer Mats, this is also another example of elegance & sophistication packed into one. With a size of 80cm x 120cm, you can easily rest on the mat after your prayer or even when you want to lie down from a small nap. The foam-feel-like base makes it irresistible to use and you would want to keep the 

If you are looking to create a prayer area for your room, this Janamaz is a perfect fit. Frequently bought together with these premium woven Prayer Rugs in light brown and light blue colors, this set will be a great addition to your space. Whenever any guest arrives at your space, you can take them to the prayer area you designed using our finest rugs and they will be surprised by the attention to detail each Janamaz holds. 

Janamaz – A Necessity & Luxury  

With the recent trends in home décor, Prayer Rugs have become more than a necessity. Everything from your Janamaz to sofas to centerpieces needs to be in sync and modish enough to contribute to your home interior. With the right items, you can build yourself a very luxurious space to live in. Luckily, VSurfaces is the best in town when it comes to the deluxe choices of décor. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, we have the largest collection of rugs, each unique enough to fit your taste. We also provide nationwide delivery and hassle-free returns so you receive exactly what you were looking for. Go to our website now and you’ll witness the classiest rugs, may it be Prayer Rugs or just the rugs you use for your living rooms. 

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