Sep 15, 2021

Rugs have been a component of the typical household décor from ancient times to the present day. Nowadays, there is an unlimited variety of carpets available all over the world. Many nations are known for their distinctive styles and designs. The modern rug is not the same as the classic rug. A new age of rugs began with the introduction of geometric contemporary motifs. However, a combination of modern rugs, classic, and abstract motifs appear to be the most popular and fashionable style right now.

Only kings, queens, and a select few of the world's most powerful individuals had access to such abstract contemporary carpets in the past. When mankind hunted for their own food and used animal skin as décor or usable things, the Stone Age was a little different. In my opinion, these folks might be considered rug pioneers. Mastering the weaving of a carpet nowadays takes a long time, which is why the skill of hand-weaving is rapidly fading. Weaving a carpet is a difficult process that takes much too long. Modern carpets and rugs are almost always machine-made and made of a mix of silk, cotton, and natural wool.

You want high-quality rugs and carpets that are contemporary rugs and lasting, regardless of your choice for abstract carpets. As a result, you've arrived at this page. V Surfaces' finest and highest quality rugs may be found farther down. Sit back and let the softest abstract mats hypnotize you.

Different types of Rugs

Traditional Rugs


Traditional carpets, aside from modern carpets, are a significant part of rug history, with designs and processes that have been passed down through the years. The majority of today's traditional carpets are from Europe and Asia and come from the 18th century. As a result, Oriental or Persian rugs are commonly mistaken with conventional carpets. As a result, their designs are based on centuries-old motifs, giving a room a sense of timeless beauty and richness.

The color palettes of the dyes available at the time are what distinguishes a multicolored carpet from conventional carpets. Traditional Persian rugs, for example, will have deep reds, blues, and gold, but most tribal carpets will have earthier hues like oranges, browns, and greens, which may be dyed.

Izmir rugs


These rugs have complex patterns with numerous small and inconsequential elements. What better way to add character to your house than with a vintage rug? These carpets are a symbol of luxury and prosperity all over the world, as well as a great sense of style. Rugs from Izmir add to the opulence of any home. This rug combines the best color with the highest contrast, catching your attention and highlighting the intricacies. The ability to create ancient carpets is one of the world's oldest crafts, dating back thousands of years. It's also one of the oldest crafts, with individuals from all over the world participating in their unique variations. The beautiful blend of themes and colors in this rug makes it stand out. Everyone can appreciate the real design, color, and composition. This beautiful rug will add elegance to your drawing rooms and living rooms.

Modern Rugs


Bright colors, patterns, and even unusual designs are common in contemporary carpets, just as they are in modern art. They feature an architectural and modern atmosphere, with a free-form design. Modern carpets have a radically different appearance and feel than traditional rugs while possessing historical themes and patterns. Abstract carpets are the ideal finishing touch for a contemporary setting. Geometric rug patterns are the most popular form of contemporary rug design and have been around for a long time.

Sheep fur rug


It's time to embrace your inner Viking. This rug, unlike a conventional or modern multicolor rug, offers an older element to the table. This rug isn't only for floors; hang it on your walls, put it on a table, drape it over a couch, anything you want to do with it. This carpet's softness and fuzziness are unrivaled; it's like caressing a cloud in the sky. These rugs are fur rugs for the living room and any room you want to make it cozy. If nothing else gets your friends' and guests' attention, this one will, since it is unlike any other rug. Feel the animals right in your own home; as soon as you touch this carpet, you'll be transported to the great outdoors.

Round Rugs


As you can see from this lovely circular carpet, round rugs are becoming increasingly fashionable these days. You may add a distinctive appeal to your home with this Modern rug. The high-quality rug has a pleasant feel underfoot and is simple to clean. Because it is ideal for both living rooms and bedrooms, this item will definitely become a personal favorite for years to come.

Why Vsurfaces?

Purchasing a rug might be very simple or quite difficult. It all depends on your perspective. You must consider the concept of your space, the style you want to achieve, your budget, and other factors. The most essential two criteria, however, should be how the rug makes you feel and the carpet's quality. Vsurfaces offers the most attractive carpets produced from the highest-quality materials. You may buy an animal skin rug online from their websites with confidence since they provide the greatest service and goods.

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