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CONSENSE Carpet Tiles

CONSENSE Carpet Tiles


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Product Name: 9800 Consense
Construction: Multi-level Loop
Material: Universal Nylon 6 / Invista Nylon 6
Color System: 100% Solution Dyed
Machine Gauge: 1/12 "
Pile Weight: 750 g/m²
Pile Height: 3/4/5 mm
Tile Size: 50 x 50 cm
Backing Structure: Ecosoft-B


Test Performance:

Volatile Organic Compound(voc): Pass ASTM D7706-11
Semi Volatile Organic Compound(svoc): Pass ASTM D7706-11
Formaldehyde Emission: Pass NIOSH method 2016
Flammability: Pass GB 8624-2006  :Pass GB/T 14768-93
Smoke Density: Pass ASTM-E-662 _ =450 DMC  :Pass GB/T 8624-2006 
Static Generation: Pass AATCC-134  :Pass GB/T 18044-2000
Antimicrobial: Pass AATCC TM 174
Color fastness to water: Pass AATCC-16E  :Pass Grade 5 ISO-B02:1994E
Color fastness to light: Pass AATCC-16E  :Pass Grade 5 ISO-B02:1994E
Colorfastness to Crocking: Pass AATCC-165
Tensile strength test: Pass ISO13934-1 :Warp 3112.9